Shipping & Policies


1. Send me a private message into which you've copy/pasted the following order form:
a) Items & Quantity (i.e., "75 outer envelopes, 75 RSVP envelopes, 75 Stuff/Seal/Stamp/Send")
b) Date of Completion
c) Preferred Style: Matutine, Redamancy, Cathexis, Sapiosexual, Selcouth, Naz, Balter, Larrikin, Parea
- note that for Parea, you must specify which font you'd like on each line (name, street, city/state, zip), or I will default to the style shown on that listing
d) Ink Color (if not black)
e) Type of Envelope (opaque? dark? lined?)
- If you'd like me to provide envelopes, please provide an exact measurement of the invitations and I will reply with some suggestions and price estimates.
2. I will create a custom listing for you to purchase.
3. You will send me all of your envelopes (and, if you'd like me to stuff and send them, your invitations and stamps), along with a guest list that includes properly formatted addresses, and I'll get started!
- Make sure the guest list is TYPED, and that you specify how you'd like the addresses written (i.e., "Mr" vs "Mr.", "Street" vs "St.", "New York" vs "N.Y." vs "NY", capitalized or all lower-case, titles or no titles).
4. Within the time frame described below, I will either send your beautifully addressed envelopes back to you, or send out the invitations to your guests!

0-99 Invitations..........1 week
100-199 Invitations....2 weeks
200+ Invitations.........3+ weeks

Please allow sufficient time (an additional week) for me to send the invitations back to you, too, not just for completion. If you have me stuff and ship your invitations, of course, there's no need for that--I'll send them out as soon as I've completed them all.


Cancellations accepted until work has begun--that is, until I confirm receipt of your envelopes.


All calligraphy orders will be sent back via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate, so shipping cost depends on the size of the order. As soon as I find out the size and amount of envelopes, I will inform you of the price.

Jewelry and other orders are also sent USPS Priority, unless otherwise requested.


No refunds on custom orders, I'm afraid. For everything else, it may be returned in the original packaging within two weeks of receipt.


Unless we have discussed my providing your envelopes, you are responsible for doing so. Please be advised that shimmery, coated envelopes do not do well with calligraphy ink, and that some types of paper will not cooperate with fountain pens or other ink-heavy pens. Also, please plan to need 15-20% additional envelopes to allow for human error or add-ons (for instance, at the last minute your college roommate wants to bring a date, or you can't get out of inviting a distant relation).

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