Words Calligraphy. Words are powerful.

I believe in words and in paper, in the scratching of nibs and the texture of ink. I believe in surrounding yourself with the stories that make you who you are, in wearing those with pride. I believe in re-imagining and re-purposing rather than throwing away.

Practicing penmanship in 2nd grade is still vivid in my mind, as is writing my first love letter at age 3 (couldn't actually write properly yet; I just did squiggles and a heart). My friend Sam and I used to compete for prettiest handwriting in high school; he turned me onto copying fonts until they felt natural. Then in my mid-twenties, when friends started getting married, I would address their wedding invitations. It didn't occur to me to do it professionally until I'd left teaching high school English and my best friend, a fellow Etsy artist (please check out her shop, Paper Comets!), pointed out that I should really think about going on Etsy. It's been over two years now, and I love it. I love being part of such an important moment in someone's life, helping them make it exactly what they want, something totally unique. That's what it should be: events should reflect the unique personalities of the people involved. I want to help make that happen.

I also want to tap into the power of language and art with statement jewelry and my new line of PrOteSTCARDs.

Here at Words, I'll address your invitations, cards, and announcements with a unique font chosen for its symbolism and style. I also make wall decor, cards, and signage. Please note that I can learn any font you like; just message me to inquire.

I also make jewelry out of damaged books- a great gift for your bookish friend or alternative to boutonnieres for your wedding party!

Words Calligraphy & Creations. Words are powerful.

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